What is the most important thing for a lawyer?

The answer lies in the role of the legal profession in the political and social fabric of a Western democracy. The judiciary is the third arm of government. When a lawyer is admitted to practice, he becomes an official of the Supreme Court. This is specifically prescribed in article 29 of the Legal Profession Act.

After 42 years of practice, from junior lawyer to partner, lawyer and then judge, I was always learning new things, even in my final weeks and months on the Supreme Court. WA now has a much broader profession and there are now fewer personal relationships between its members. I have a feeling that it's much easier to isolate yourself in your office now than it was in the 1970s. Organization is fundamental to everything a lawyer does.

Manage cases, court appearances, disclosures, client files, meetings, know everything there is to know about the United States Code, and the list goes on. Reputational and embarrassing risks can directly affect the future of the lawyer, client and firm. In addition, when a lawyer fails in an organization, it can leave lasting impressions on judges, clients, and opposition lawyers. It may seem like an exaggeration to characterize an organization in those terms, but it's a skill that can be harmful in the long run.

While there are many professional aspects to consider when choosing a lawyer, your character should also influence your decision. Find someone who is trustworthy and who makes you feel comfortable. An attorney who works hard for you, exercises good judgment, and is thorough and thoughtful in the process is a valuable asset.

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