What is the Most Important Quality for a Lawyer?

The legal profession plays an integral role in the political and social structure of a Western democracy. According to article 29 of the Legal Profession Act, when a lawyer is admitted to practice, they become an official of the Supreme Court. After 42 years of experience, from junior lawyer to partner, lawyer and then judge, I learned that the legal profession in WA has become much more expansive and it is now easier for lawyers to become isolated in their offices. Organization is essential for any lawyer's success.

They must manage cases, court appearances, disclosures, client files, meetings, and be knowledgeable about the United States Code. Reputational and embarrassing risks can have a lasting impact on the lawyer, client, and firm. Therefore, it is important for lawyers to be organized and efficient in their work. In addition to professional qualifications, it is important to consider a lawyer's character when making a decision.

Find someone who is trustworthy and makes you feel comfortable. A lawyer who works hard for you, exercises good judgment, and is thorough and thoughtful in their process is invaluable.

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