What is an seo law fellow?

The seo law scholarship helps historically underrepresented law students to thrive in law school and corporate law firms. An SEO law scholarship offers more than just a summer job. It's an opportunity to live daily life at a major law firm the summer before law school starts, placing our fellows at the forefront. From hands-on experience and mentoring to networking opportunities and targeted training, our program helps them succeed in law school and in their careers.

The SEO Law Fellowship offers talented students of color entering law school the opportunity to work at one of the top law firms during the summer before law school. Unlimited access to the virtual awards dinner experience; 30 tickets for both talks by the fire; subscribe to 30 entries for SEO alumni for Fireside Chats; recognition during the live program and both talks by the fireplace; half-page announcement in the program; recognition in event materials; recognition on the website. Unlimited access to the virtual prize dinner experience; two tickets to both talks by the fire; subscribe to two entries for SEO alumni for Fireside Chats; participation in the program; recognition in the event materials; recognition on the website. The Law Institute complements the seminars with lectures given by law professors that aim to simulate a real conference room, including a mock exam at the end of each week.

Participating law firms receive access to high-level students, as their interns who arrive at the firms are prepared and trained through an intensive program of academic and professional preparation. SEO Law offers three scholarships per year to help promising and underrepresented incoming law students attend the law school of their choice. The program currently partners with 34 corporate law firms, including 31 firms represented in the AMLaw 100, participating in 12 cities in the United States. For many fellows, including Michael Vance, an intern who is interning at Jones Day in Houston (Texas) and who will attend the University of Texas School of Law, the opportunity to take a practice exam before law school helps demystify what awaits them when they go to school.

Recently, a prospective law student contacted Fernández-Rocha for advice on the SEO law scholarship program. Fernández-Rocha says that not only is he learning to navigate the corporate law environment, but he is also doing so with a vast network of diverse students who attend schools across the country.

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