What is an SEO Fellow? A Comprehensive Guide

The SEO Law Scholarship is a unique program that provides talented students of color with the opportunity to work at a major law firm during the summer before law school. Through this program, law students can participate in 10-week paid internships with their partner firms. The SEO Law Fellowship offers a great opportunity for historically underrepresented law students to gain valuable experience and thrive in law school and corporate law firms. When it comes to the corporate law firm experience, SEO Law Fellows may have different experiences depending on the firm they are working with.

During the 10-week internship, interns will work full time alongside 1-liter and 2-liter summer associates. Recently, Milbank, Tweed and Hadley & McCloy LLP co-sponsored an event with SEO Law, which featured guest speaker Preet Bharara who spoke about the challenges and opportunities related to diversity in the legal profession. The Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Law Program in New York City, New York is directed by Van Ann Bui and Grace Pajonk is the associate director. Participating law firms invest generously in SEO law fellows, offering them compensation for their work at the firm and for their participation in the Law Institute.

The Scholarship Program begins with a 10-week summer experience that includes the SEO Law Institute, an intensive two-week program that provides training in legal analysis, legal research and writing, study skills and exam strategy for law school, as well as a paid internship at a corporate law firm.In addition to academic training, the SEO Law Scholarship Program also organizes intimate workshops and roundtables with its partner law firms to discuss how fellows can prepare for and excel at their internships and legal careers. Recently, a prospective law student contacted Fern√°ndez-Rocha for advice on the SEO law scholarship program.The SEO Law Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for students of color entering law school to gain valuable experience and knowledge before starting their legal career. Through this program, students can gain access to virtual awards dinner experiences, tickets for talks by the fire, recognition during live programs, announcements in programs, recognition in event materials, and recognition on websites.

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